30 Funny Memes About Life Struggles We Can't Help But Relate To [Photos]

As we all know, life can be hard... No seriously, it really is! From making the right decisions, dealing with friends, trying to attract a love interest, to even having to play a mental lottery of what's in your bank account before you check it. These are just daily things we can't seem to avoid even when you think you've got this savage called "Life" by the balls.

However, the one thing we always have to remember is no matter how many times life knocks you down. It's how you get back up that really counts. Even better, is when you still manage to keep your head held high and smile through it all.

In efforts to lift some spirits up, below are some hilarious examples of what we mean. The internet never misses a beat and is always on point when comes to how we feel about anything. Here's a list of funny memes about life struggles we can pretty much relate to...

1.) Making Life-Changing Decisions:

2.) When You See Your Crush:

3.) The Effects Of Boredom In Class:

4.) Desperate For At-TAN-tion:

5.) Measuring Up To Standards:

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6.) Living In A World Of Denial:

7.) Trying To Look On The Bright Side:

8.) When You Just Need Space:

9.) Clothes Shopping With Your Parents:

10.) When Your Smartphone Goes Dumb:

11.) Learning Something New Every Day:

12.) A Day At The Mall With Siblings:

13.) When You're Not The Brightest In The Bunch:

14.) The Test Of Patience In A Relationship:

15.) The Monday Blues:

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16.) The Struggle To Stay Positive:

17.) When It's Hard For You To Say "I'm Sorry.":

18.) When It's The Same Sh..., Different Day:

19.) Dealing With The Non-Observant:

20.) Being In Your True Comfort Zone:

21.) Momma Knows, Child. Momma Knows:

22.) The Strength Of Certain Bonds:

23.) When Your Eyes Are Bigger Than Your Wallet:

24.) The College Life In A Nutshell:

25.) All Work And No Play:

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26.) Deciding The Current Mood Of The Day:

27.) The Constant Battle Within Ourselves:

28.) A Lesson On Doing What You Can When You Can:

29.) When You ARE The Financially Challenged:

30.) Last But Not Least... Serving More Than One Purpose:

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