15 Helpful Products For The Messiest People You Know

If you’ve ever wondered what would be some helpful products for the messiest people you know and can’t come up with any ideas, take a look at some suggestions below…

I tend to be a bit messy due to eating like I never knew food existed. As well as, being clumsy, unorganized, or always on the go and simply not having any time to immediately clean up. And when it’s time to clean, I automatically start to think of ways to actually prevent these things from happening again.

Dealing with untidy people (or being one yourself) can be somewhat of a headache. But not all hope is lost, whether it’s you, your family, friends, co-worker or whoever you know so desperately needs this that’s just naturally messy... I’ve compacted your search a bit to a few products that can be a help when it comes to tidiness.  I mean you have to admit there's no escaping the fact that, sh*t happens (as you can see in this post here).

So whether it’s a friend who loves to cook, your kid’s Legos blocks you always find yourself stepping on (as you scream in pain), or someone who just has to have their coffee (even if it means sharing some with their clothes). Have a peek at these helpful products for messy people. They may be something here you might actually need.

One final note: To stay motivated and try to be as organized as possible. Always keep in mind that cleanliness is always a step closer to godliness. Here’s my list of helpful products for the most untidy people you know...

1.) Air Sealing Travel Mug

Why? As said before, if you’re the type that’s always on-the-go and need that cup of joe, then why not? When traveling by foot, car, bus, or train you’ll want that mug to be leak and spill-proof. Something to keep your inner clumsy from wasting your favorite beverage and help you save a bit of money on laundry bills! This affordable highly advanced auto-vacuum seal travel mug will definitely serve its purpose.

2.) Automatic Soap Dispenser

For the bacteria and germaphobes of the world, a hands-free soap dispenser should almost be mandatory. I’ve had times where I’d be in a rush and end up pushing a little too hard on the manual pump version to where it would accidentally tip over or even squirt out anywhere but into my hand! To solve this problem I’ve found this touchless automatic soap dispenser to be super helpful.

3.) Wine Tumbler Cups

Wine can be all fun and games until someone has had one too many. There’s been plenty of times where I’ve seen a glass of wine accidentally get tipped over or dropped causing spillage and hazardous broken glass spread out on the floor.

Whether you’re at a get-together, pool party or birthday celebration, these insulated wine tumbler cups have been known to cancel out those unwanted possibilities. They also have these tumblers for the beer drinkers too! Get them here.

4.) Wine Stain Remover Spray

Just when you thought you were stylin’ on them at a party with your new dress or shirt that costs an arm and a leg. You have a glass of wine and body collision with someone, ruining your feeling of stardom in an instance. You and I both know wine stains are hard to get rid of no matter what you tricks you try.

However, this Wine Away stain remover has become fairly famous as it has been featured on TV shows like Rachel Ray and has been acknowledged by Disney also. Even better, It’s not just for wine, this spray can remove coffee, sauce, ink, you name it!

5.) Motion Sensor Trash Can

It’s not hard to tell that the future is now! I’ve had food that was way past the due dates with a stench that can clear out a pig pen (I said I was always on the go, give me a break). When removing it I always didn’t want touching or dripping on anything on its way to the trash can including me trying not to contaminate the lid!

I actually found this helpful after paying a visit to my mom’s house and noticed she had one. And, it wasn’t that much costly either. You can check it out here on Amazon.

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6.) Frying Pan Splatter Guard

Well, it makes perfect sense If you’re frying something up in a pan and hate having to dodge those stinging pops of oil and also want to keep the surface of your stove clean, I highly recommend this Fry Wall splatter guard. They’re made for 10-inch frying pans, however, they also have it for the large 12-inch pans here.

7.) Special Made Microwave Cover

While we’re on the subject of splattering edibles, just like your stove top, your microwave can also fall victim to a messy situation. And to be honest, there are some folks that are too lazy to clean out the microwave, letting all types of splattered food accumulate over time (yuck!). 

Well, to prevent this from happening I recommend this specially made microwave cover to keep this problem at a minimum.

8.) A Sliding Storage Rack

Here’s where we get in to being less messy by being more organized! In my apartment, I use to have cleaning supplies in three different places. In the pantry there some on the wall mounted shelf, laundry supplies were on the bar cart and some were under the kitchen sink.

I would sometimes forget a specific spray I needed and would have to play the “Let’s see what’s behind door number 2.” game until I spotted it. So, to minimize the hunting games, I stumbled upon this slide-out storage tower!

With this, I was able to place all of my cleaning supplies in one place. To make it even more of a win, it’s specially made structure makes it easy to save on space in any room where you can slide the rack in between small spaces. You’ll definitely need this.

9.) Stain Erasing Pens

For a person like me who can’t seem to sit still and find it hard to refrain from eating like a caveman, I’m actually glad they created something like this. You ever went to reach in your pocket after eating, unaware that there’s ketchup on one of your fingers? Or, maybe it’s just me.

Either way, after if ever you do find yourself in a public place where there’s no access to some to clean up asap. Just whip out that magic pen like a sword and make that stain vanish instantly. You can find it here on Amazon

10.) Washable Keyboard

Ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to the Tech World, sh#t just got real. I’m sure you can already tell, I’m a blogger and work with computer/laptop keyboards on a regular basis. Sometimes leaving evidence of things I’ve snacked on along the way.

Normally when I notice the keys getting a little filthy, I’d take a ball of cotton with alcohol and lightly run it back and forth across the keyboard. However, it still didn’t help with cleaning in between each and every button. Until I found this phenomenal washable keyboard.

All you have to do is disconnect it, and wash every part of the device right in the kitchen sink. This is sure to help you save time on cleaning. You can find out more about it here.

11.) No-Tip Coffee Mug

Back to that cup of coffee most of us need to get things going. This type of coffee mug is what you’ll need if you want to keep that office table (and your lap) more safe from a hot mess. Its custom build is specifically made to not tip over at all!

The only way you can get this baby to spill is if you’re ill-tempered and either, have a raging swing at it with your hand or simply pick it up and launch it across the room. If you can keep yourself from releasing the beast then go ahead and pick one up here.

12.) Portable Toy Mat

Mom and Dad should always be mindful of the consequences behind purchasing your kid’s first set of Lego blocks or toys in general! Yes, the very things that use to put a smile on our generation’s faces as children, we end up developing a love-hate relationship with as adults.

The portable toy mat is a great idea for the kids to go wild with no worries about the cleanup. Being that you’re able to keep them in one area of the room. Head on over to Amazon and check it out.

13.) Deodorant Removing Sponge

When I’m going on throughout my day, I always want to believe everything's glitter and gold. Until I look down and noticed some random white streaks going down the side of my shirt! I’ve found this deodorant removing sponge to be very handy and you can carry it anywhere with you. 

14.) Gap Covers For Countertops

Why? To block out spills between counters and stoves of course! While I’m cleaning, I’ve noticed when I run the wet rag across that gap some excess water drips down the sides. Which defeat the purpose of tidying up when you're creating a mess at the same time. I’ve installed these silicone counter gap covers to help put a stop to it. Grab one yourself.

15.) Scotchgard Fabric Protector

It’s amazing what is being created these days, don’t you think? If you want to protect your clothes from any type of staining and spills altogether. This liquid repelling fabric spray was created to combat stains from your hat all the way down to your shoes. The best part about this is its use is unlimited! Find out more about it here.

Bottom Line

There you have it, just a few helpful products that’ll definitely assist in your practice of keeping things more tidy and organized. As I myself attempt to continue delaying the inevitable, I’ll be sure to update everyone with more tips and products along the way. 

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