15 Times People Of The Internet Had The Most Perfect Comebacks [Photos]

The hilariously perfect responses are just a constant reminder of how the internet can be so unkind and yet clever at the same damn time...

1.) Not minding your business.

2.) The art of beans.

3.) Most heartbreaking moments.

4.) Pulling up in a whaaa?

5.) How to eat a pizza roll the right way.

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6.) Don't have a cow... Or do.

7.) The Snail experiment.

8.) The ultimate X-Game.

9.) Where the new generation starts.

10.) The correct way to eat cereal.

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11.) When technology backfires.

12.) The wordplay slaughter.

Via: Twitter

13.) The darkness arise.

14.) The turtle getting through the struggle.

15.) Girl Scouts living by the code.

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