20 Memes About Cleaning Up That Are Too True To Ignore [Photos]

Ever noticed how messy your living space has become after a while and start making plans to do some thorough cleaning? You finally get started and quickly feel overwhelmed only to end up slumped on the couch with eyes glued to the TV again. So how do you motivate yourself to tidy up? 

To put it short, I simply remind myself that I don’t want my living condition to look like some of the most cringe-worthy apartments and homes I’ve been to. Put on a playlist of my favorite music and start completing small cleaning tasks. Once I get to the big stuff, I think to myself, “Why stop now? Let’s finish this up”. This is when things like mopping and vacuuming become a breeze.

If ever you want to make tidying up a bit easier, you can read up on some products I’ve found to be extremely helpful with the cleaning up here. However, in this post, below are 20 hilarious memes about cleaning up that ring so true you can’t help but relate to them. Enjoy...

1.) When cleaning gets deep

2.) Walking past dirty dishes like...

3.) When you just finished cleaning.

4.) The most surefire way to completely dodge an argument with the wife.

5.) Cleaning your room before being told to.

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6.) How moms really feel when throwing old toys away.

7.) Completely relatable messes.

8.) When don't get around to cleaning just yet.

9.) Tidiness in a more simple form.

10.) Plans to clean up vs. reality.

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11.) The real process of how to clean your room.

12.) When you find a bug while cleaning up.

13.) When feeling goes away.

14.) When the need to wash your ass is a cry for help.

15.) Trying to bring an endgame to this infinity war.

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16.) When you can always count on your umbrella during the messiest times.

17.) Getting too happy with being organized.

18.) Who doesn't like a little humor while cleaning?

19.) When cleaning is done just to see how long it will last. 

20.) Finally done cleaning up and it's time for a shower.