Relieve Stress And Anxiety: Top 10 Products That Actually Work

Stress and anxiety is something almost everyone has encountered many times throughout their lives. It’s actually a normal reaction in your brain that sometimes occurs without you even realizing it. So, what exactly causes it?...

The cause of stress and anxiety can come from the feeling of being overwhelmed or even be caused by fear of something. It varies from person to person with things like work deadlines, getting married or even having a baby. Sometimes all at once resulting in high levels of anxiousness.

I myself know this feeling of nervousness and frustration when being overwhelmed by life all too well. So, I've done some research on items that can be a big help. Have a look at this list I put together of the best products to reduce your stress and anxiety below...

1.) Foot Massaging Rollers

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Let’s start off with your feet. Why? The health of your feet can determine the health of the rest of your body as they play a major part in everything linked to your bodily functions. This includes your bones, muscles, and nerves. 

When used on a daily basis, foot massaging rollers promote blood and lymph circulation. This, in turn, relieves stress and muscle tension form the lower limbs. Eventually working to keep the mind and body in a more relaxed state.

So, whether you’re walking around in boots at work or constantly slaying it in heels, you’re bound to feel sore your day plays out. Just pop those stompers out starting at the arch of your foot and focus on rolling out those aching regions to relieve some of that stress fast. 

By the way, if you’re extremely ticklish like I am and still able to use this, you’re a legend...

2.) Microwavable Heated Slippers

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These unique slippers come in the form of therapy again focusing on the foot area. They can be worn at home on as you kick back on the couch on your laptop, catching up on your favorite TV shows or even helps with getting some sleep. However, keep in mind they’re not meant for walking around...

These slippers come with multiple uses. The heat helps with pain throughout the muscles and bones straight from the arch, heels, ball, and toes. It also improves blood circulation and flexibility, relaxing your entire body which in turn stop anxiety in its tracks.

All you have to do is just pop these babies in the microwave for about 1 to 2 minutes. Depending on how warm you so desire, you can just add or take away 30 seconds. Slide them on and enjoy keeping that stress and anxiety at bay.

3.) The “Color Me Calm” Adult Coloring Book 

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This adult coloring book was made to creatively distract the mind, especially if you into art. This clever artist strategically put together seven chapters, all therapeutic themes, and formed stress reducing magic.  

Now, coloring may not be your usual go-to thing to calm your nerves. However, this method does its job by redirecting your thoughts on what’s happening at the current moment. Part of which is being sure to stay in the lines.

In the case, you should definitely never judge a book by its cover as it can help in more ways than you think.

4.) Handheld Head Massaging Tingler

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I myself own one of these and I must say, this head massager never fails. It’s very lightweight with durable wires that can adjust to any head size possible. The best part is that it doesn’t snag your hair or scrape your scalp when in use.  

This thing instantly relieves stress and anxiety by sending a pleasant tingling sensation all around the head. Which also travels through the body. Putting your body into auto-relax mode fast.

All you have to do is graciously raise and lower the massager on the scalp area. This will promote blood circulation, naturally calming the body on its own.

5.) Aromatherapy Scent Diffusers

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Initial studies revealed that aromatherapy can modify your brain waves and mood. Aromatherapy scent diffusers are an amazing substitute for scented candles and incense. Just in case you’re ever worried about any fires or injuries.

Aromatherapy has the ability to decrease the feeling of stress, boast comfortability, and help reduce levels cortisol which is the “stress” hormone. Various scents have different effects on people, so you’ll have to experiment a bit to find your best fit.

The scent diffusers come in many sizes best suited for areas of your home, office space, and even your car. Just pop in your favorite aroma scent oil in and breathe that sigh of relief you definitely needed.

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6.) A Heat Therapy Neck and Shoulder Wrap

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This specific item promotes heat therapy. Also known as thermotherapy, this works by increasing blood flow which carries protein and oxygen along with it. This, in turn, relieves stress caused by muscle pain, tension, and spasms.

Think about it. How do you feel when you take a nice hot bath after playing sports or a hard day’s work? This is kind of similar to heat therapy. 

This heated wrap works its magic by providing moist heat deep into the neck, shoulders and upper-neck area. But get this. It also gives off an herbal aromatherapeutic scent to further calm your mind and body.

Its weighted design is made to apply pressure to that particular area which gives you that squeezing, hugging feeling. This method is related to deep pressure therapy which works to calm your nervous system.  

Simply pop the heated wrap in the microwave on a clean, dry plate and heat it for one and a half to three and a half minutes tops. Let it sit for a few minutes and you’re good to go.

7.) Natural Sleep Aids

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Why? Getting some sleep is the number one factor in reducing stress and anxiety. It helps your body and mind operate properly. This helps with elevating your intellect, sharpness, decision making, and even your creative thinking.

However, the growth of people suffering from poor sleep has gone up over the years. With some even suffering from insomnia and other types of sleep disorders. With this problem on the rise, some help is needed to get the right amount of sleep.

If you’re the type to stay away from prescription drugs as much as possible, natural sleep aids are my recommended go-to solution. This method helps with sleep at whatever time is suitable and regulates your body’s sleep schedule.

Most natural sleep aid product ingredients contain melatonin which is also a hormone in our body that signals our brain that it’s time for bed. Other common ingredients include magnesium, Valerian root, and chamomile.

My favorite sleep aid that I’ve to be very effective is SleepyTime Herbal Tea which contains chamomile. Drinking this about 30 minutes before bed has always put me in a relaxed state and as soon as I hit the bed, It’s an automatic "lights out". You may want to give this a try.

8.) Pressure Activated Massage Pillow

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Here’s where vibration massage therapy comes into play. This method improves blood flow by stimulating the underlying muscle tissues. Therefore, spreading the sensation through the body to help you relax even more.

The massage pillow works to apply that vibration therapy by just pressing any part of your body against it. Simply rest your head on it, feet, or even place it right behind you while sitting in your office chair.

For the best result, I find it helpful after a steaming hot shower. To where my muscles are already relaxed after working out at the gym. I just put something on the flat-screen, lay back and activate it the massage pillow until I feel myself start to doze off.

9.) An Extra Comfy Weighted Blanket

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Weighted blankets provide deep pressure stimulation therapy. It applies that gentle, squeezing and hugging sensation to the body. This has been known to help people that deal with anxiety overload.

A small study has shown this method works by calming the arousal of the nervous system. This is done by applying pressure to the body and activates the release of neurotransmitters in the brain, reducing anxiety.

The thing is, you can’t just grab any blanket. These babies come in different weights to match your body type. It is recommended that you choose one that is 10 percent or so of your body weight to get the best results.

For example, I weigh about 190 lbs, so I would have to go with the 20-pound blanket in order to properly feel the effects. Hey, works for me.

To be honest, whoever came up with this idea is a genius if you ask me. Getting better sleep is key so I wouldn’t rule if you want to keep your anxiety at bay. Get yourself wrapped up in one of these to minimize that stress asap. 

10.) The Best Bed Mattress Sent From The Heavens

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I can’t emphasize enough on how getting proper sleep plays a major role in reducing stress and anxiety. However, sometimes to achieve that goal it will include choosing the ideal firmness that's just right for you.

So, what mattress firmness do you actually need? Well, for starters, you need to keep in mind that the mattress needs to able to neutralize the body in a well evened out position. Meaning, it should be able to support the alignment of your body from your spine all the way down to your toes.

Let say the mattress is too soft, (yes it is possible for a bed to be too soft) pressure points like your shoulders or buttocks will not have that proper support. This will lead to a morning full of aches and grogginess.

My go-to mattress is normally memory foam made. However, there’s a hybrid mattress version that consists of memory foam and pocketed in the base of the mattress (review coming soon). But for now, you can find out more about it from The Sleep Judge here.

The memory foam mattress I own now seems to do pretty well for me though. Being that I got lucky when picking the one that better suits my level of comfort. Most of all, it’s definitely a big help in getting that great amount of sleep to keep my stress and anxiety on chill mode.

Bottom Line

There you have it, my top ten best products for anxiety and depression so far. I go through these issues just as much as others do and proud to let it be known that you’re not alone. Stay tuned as I research and review more helpful items as they come along.

Please Note: Although these products may help reduce stress and anxiety, they do not cure the many types of disorders related to the symptoms. Symptoms linked to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), panic disorder or severe depression is where I urge you to seek professional help along with using these items.

No matter the cause of your stress and anxiety, try to keep in mind that it’ll pass in due time. But every now and then we may need something to help us get through it. If you or anyone you know needs this, feel free to share it and stay strong.

Related Questions

What is the best cure for stress?: There are many ways to reduce stress. However, my top three that I do every day is exercise, a nice massage, and sleep. This is a sure fire way to cure stress me but, there other methods like meditation, eating healthy and more.

How can I treat anxiety at home?: For starters, cut back on the use of caffeine products and alcoholic beverages. These things have the potential to cause full-blown anxiety attacks. Practicing breathing techniques have been very helpful for me and recently discovered that watching ASMR videos proves to be extremely effective plus oddly satisfying.

How can I calm my nerves naturally?: Try to be mindful of what triggers your nerves to be on edge in the first place. Then try some physical activities to help distract the brain from your thoughts. Drawing or a game of chess works for me, even thinking game apps on your mobile device have been effective also. 

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