15 Hilarious Poses And Expressions You Will Immediately Relate To [Photos]

We’re all familiar with the phrase, “actions speak louder than words”. Something that has passed through generations for centuries now. And, will forever ring true if you ask me…

Sometimes we don’t manage to say exactly how we feel, especially at the instant moment. However, the multiple looks on your face and body language will always make up for that part. Something we all can relate to.

Our bodily functions never shy away from speaking the truth and sometimes it’s hilarious. Here is a list of poses and expressions below that seem all too familiar…

1.) That look when you wake up to the smell of good cooking in the air:

2.) That face when it's Taco Tuesday: 

3.) That pose when the kitchen floor just finished getting mopped:

4.) That face when you know you're about to cheat on your diet:

5.) That pose when you accidentally set the water to boiling hot:

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6.) That face when you and the anxious driver end up at the same light:

7.) The infamous pose when you're at the movies:

8.) That face when half of your life is missing:

9.) That pose when you find that 5 dollars you lost months ago:

10.) That face and pose when you see a bug coming at you:

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11.) That face when the food still comes out from the microwave cold as f--k:

12.) That face while you're washing the dishes:

13.) That look when you get bamboozled by your own bowel movement:

14.) When that feeling when you're finally home alone:

15.) Lastly, that face when that electricity bill is past due:

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