Funniest Reactions From People Using A Bidet For The First Time [Video]

I know, when some of you folks read the title, you thought to yourself, “What’s a Bidet?”... Don’t worry, so did I and after randomly discovering this hilarious video, I was struck by curiosity. Why aren’t these things popular here in America?

Turns out, bidets originated and are still a thing in France dating back from the 1600s. Around these times, the U.S. wasn’t too fond of these types of cleansing devices. That being said, they were only made popular in countries like Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, East Asia, and China.

However, up until now, these basins are making their way into this country at a fast rate. And with that in mind, the reactions you’re about to see from people using them for the first time are priceless. But first, let's get into...

What Is A Bidet?:

A Bidet (pronounced beh-day) is a special made oval basin used to wash your private areas after using the toilet. Bidet is a French word meaning “horse or pony” which stems from the word bider which mean “to trot”. The traditional washbasin types are usually located next to the toilet in the bathroom. 

What Is A Bidet Used For?:

Bidets serve as a second process of cleansing by admitting a verticle jet stream of water to the genital and anal regions. Some people use it as a substitute for toilet tissue or they sometimes use both. You can think of it as almost being a refreshing shower made specifically for your private parts after relieving yourself.

How Does A Bidet Work?:

Generally, after using the toilet, you’ll want to wipe yourself as clean as possible. Next, there are controls you can use to adjust the temperature and pressure of the water stream to your level of comfort. After your blissful cleaning, you can pat your area dry with a towel (You can learn more about how to use a bidet here)

Now let's get into the video below...

What’s The Video About?:

The folks at “Cut” has decided to show us what it’s like to use a bidet for the first time. They tested this challenge out 6 brave participants and I must say, you’re in for a treat with this one. If want to know what it’s like, you’re going to get an interesting idea of it in the clip.

The Best Part?:

The hilarious reactions on each of the participant’s faces from beginning to end. While playing the recordings in slow motion! But enough talk, let’s get to the session and be warned, you may be laughing in tears when you’re done watching. Check it out...

Via: Cut

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