20 Savages Pretty Much Doing What They Want [Photos]

This world is full of rules that are expected to be followed at all times. Of course, they are made to keep things from getting chaotic and we totally agree. Well, not entirely or else this little thing called “fun” wouldn’t exist.

We tend to go against the grain every now and then due to our human nature. As there are folks that love the thrill of doing stuff they’re not supposed to do. As long as it’s not something where you would end up in handcuffs over. Don’t you agree?...

Some rules are made to be broken for a good laugh and that’s what we’re all about here. As you’ll see in this post filled with people who pretty much do what they want and it’s hilarious. Take a look below and enjoy!...

1.) No Diving

2.) Draw Squidward

3.) Cash Only

4.) Surfing While Kegging

5.) No Trumpets Allowed

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6.) Turning The Tables

7.) Breaking News With Emojis

8.) Chair Free Zone

9.) Do Not Crush

10.) No Ball Playing

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11.) No Shoes On Mat!

12.) Hang Out With Your Wang Out

13.) Riding The Shoulder

14.) Not Without A Fight

15.) By Order Of Fire Chief

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16.) No Cross-Promoting

17.) Thug Life Flight Attendant

18.) The Author With No F--ks To Give

19.) Work In The Morning

20.) A Step Ahead Of The Law

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